Your insurance company employs professionals to represent their interests – Who is representing your interests?

We can help you level the playing field while assuming all the duties necessary to have your insurance claim processed.

As fully licensed public adjusters of Metro Public Adjustment, Inc., we take the anxiety out of settling a property owner’s insurance claim. We can bridge the gap between the minimum amount that the insurance company offers and the maximum settlement amount that you, the property owner, are entitled to receive under your policy.

Since 1994, Metro Public Adjustment, Inc., has been an advocate for the rights of you – the property owner. Headquartered in Bucks County, PA, our primary purpose is to help you navigate through the turbulent waters of settling your property loss claim as your own personal insurance adjuster. Just as any vessel needs an experienced captain and crew, so does the homeowner need an experienced team when battling against the insurance companies for their rights.

FREE Policy Evaluation and Home Inspection

It is our responsibility to educate property owners about their rights under their insurance policy. Servicing clients in 31 states including Free Home Inspection Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Maryland, ICN Metro’s home inspection is no ordinary inspection. Our representatives are trained to spot problems that most home and business owners did not even know existed.

An ICN Metro representative will look at the exterior of the building for potential problems along the roofline and exterior walls. They will go room-to-room inside the dwelling inspecting closets, walls, flooring and cabinetry. They will also sit with you and review your current property insurance policy and educate you on the extent and conditions of your coverage.

While we don’t sell insurance, our representatives will discuss the coverage that exists under your policy. Best of all, there is no charge for this service. Our fees are contingent upon favorable settlements for our clients. Statistics prove that Public Adjusters typically recover substantially more favorable settlements than the insurance company initially pays out.