Business liability claims require a commercial advocate

Buying commercial insurance is usually the easy part. Often the more difficult aspect of owning a business liability or general liability policy is filing a claim and getting the insurance company to pay on that claim in a timely manner. Quick restoration after your business claim, perhaps from commercial fire , flood, vandalism or a natural disaster is essential.

The burden of proof is on the insured, and the process of filing a claim will require expert assistance to assemble the paperwork, document any proof of loss and provide written restoration estimates. And that’s just for all physical property loss. How do you estimate loss of business? Who is looking out for your best interests? Who has the time to do all that work when you are a small business owner? Keep in mind that your agent works for the insurance company and, therefore, is expected to control company costs. What can you do to expedite your business claim to get your operation back on track?

Contact our Commercial Team First!

We are in business to get you back in business as soon as possible! By representing you to the insurance company, we provide the best way for you to obtain expert assistance.

While you focus on your actual business, your  commercial claims adjuster focuses on the claims process. Contact our Commercial Claims Team! Allow us to notify your insurance company immediately. We will also follow through with a written notification by registered mail for verifiable proof of the date your provider was notified. Unfortunately, experience dictates this is a necessary step.

Property insurance covers a business’s building and its contents – money and securities, accounts receivable records, inventory, furniture, machinery, supplies and even intangible assets such as trademarks — when damage, theft or loss occurs. Our expert adjusters will review your policy with you, take pictures and compile all documentation required by your insurer in the format that is required to deliver immediate action.

As a businessperson, you’re good at what you do, and as business insurance adjusters, we’re just as good in adjusting insurance claims. Metro Public Adjustment, Inc., is the difference between the minimum amount your insurer is offering and the maximum you are entitled to receive for your property loss. Contact us today at: 800-948-0204 or email us at

How can I disaster -proof my business ?

Businesses that recover quickly are those that plan in advance. This involves choosing the best insurance solution for your business. It also requires developing and maintaining an adequate recovery plan.

Minimize Risk

  • Train employees in fire safety. Especially employees responsible for housekeeping, maintenance, storage areas and operations where open flames or flammable substances are used.
  • Modernize the electrical system.
  • Ensure that your building is fire-resistant, complete with firewalls that prevent the spread of fires. A fire alarm system must be connected to the local fire department. Sprinkler systems are essential in minimizing fire damage.
  • Upgrading and adhering to building codes during all construction projects minimize risk of damage.