Residential Property Adjusters – Your Claim Specialist

Homeowners claim adjusters are the best kept secret of the Insurance Industry.

Homeowners are rarely advised by their insurer that they can seek assistance filing a policy claim from a public adjuster.

Insurance Companies pay out over 30 billion dollars each year for property damage settlements. Adjusters employed by the insurer have a financial responsibility to control these settlement costs for their employer. A Public Adjuster is a highly trained, licensed professional whose sole purpose is to help you understand your policy, your specific property claim and seek the maximum return on your insurance investment. Our insurance adjusters will look out for a homeowner’s best interests and financial well-being.

Homeowner claim Your home is your castle and is often your largest investment. You and your family take pride in sharing this castle with friends and extended family members…you work hard and deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Damage to your home can be a devastating blow — in more ways than one. You may have to stay with relatives or in a hotel while repairs are underway. Most likely, you’ll need to replace some or all of your possessions, including clothing and contents. Even small-scale plumbing damage or smoke damage can destroy many of your possessions. Small visual signs of mold are often overlooked due to a general lack of knowledge — even though a huge mold nightmare may be on the other side of the wall!
property damage What if the unthinkable happens? What if calamity strikes in the form of a hurricane or flood? And let’s face it — most of us feel emotionally attached to our home and possessions, which can make it hard to be objective and to think clearly.

Clear thinking and objective reasoning is exactly what you need to properly settle your property claim with the Insurance Company. Unfortunately, after a calamity most people are too caught up in the moment to negotiate with an insurance adjuster. This is why in most cases it makes sense to hire a public adjuster to help you with your property claim. We bring objectiveness, expertise and years of experience to the table.

Most homeowners have filed the original policy outlining their rights and options “in a safe place” years before. In fact, probably 95% of the Delaware Valley Region’s residents are not even familiar with the language contained within their insurance policy. Are you aware of local laws and regulations governing the insurance industry? Expertise is required when estimating damage — or even finding it all.

Our experts will help you:

  • Estimate the loss
  • Discover any hidden damage
  • Place a reasonable dollar amount on those personal possessions that you consider priceless
  • Negotiate a just settlement with your insurance company while you focus on getting you and your family’s life back on track.

Public Adjuster Representation Typically Results in Larger Payments to Policy Holders
The most recent OPPAGA Report, discovered that policyholders receive payments well over 500% higher when they employed a public adjuster to manage their residential property claim in the state of Florida.

We will level the playing field so that you are not at the mercy of a large insurance company focused on Wall Street’s gains and shareholder dividends.