Wind Storms – Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters happen, and there’s very little we can do to avoid them altogether. A damaging hail storm is always a threat since it can occur in any strong thunderstorm. A hurricane can produce driving winds in excess of 155 mph causing damage to your property from trees breaking windows, tearing roof shingles and damaging siding. When rain enters your home, water damage may occur to your ceilings, floors, walls and personal possessions. Personal safety should be your top priority during these natural disasters.

Mitigation of loss is your responsibility as a policyholder, so take action — but only do so if it is safe. In storm damage claims, as in all insurance claims, the burden of proof is on the policyholder and you must act fast. Therefore, before clean-up can begin, you must start documenting the insurance loss with photographs, estimating cost for any repairs, recording an inventory of personal property damage and begin saving receipts for any immediate work required. If a natural disaster has left you with property damage, you, the property owner, are facing a lengthy and not always straight-forward process of dealing with your insurance company‚Äôs adjuster who is thoroughly trained in all aspects of minimizing damage claims. It is important to have an expert on your side when negotiating claims with your insurance company.

PA Adjuster

takes a personal approach to each and every property claim. We lead the industry in helping property owners obtain a fair settlement from their insurance companies. As soon as you contact us about your loss, we immediately dispatch one of our professional claims representatives to assess your damages. Your team of insurance experts diligently reviews and analyzes your insurance policy with you, bringing a level of comfort that you will not find on your own. We use our experience and expertise in documenting your loss, securing repair estimates and preparing your insurance claim in a way that will allow us to negotiate the maximum settlement possible for your property loss.

Our professional licensed public adjusters are only a phone call away to help you with your hurricane damage, storm damage or hail damage Insurance Claim.

Hail Storms

Hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30th.
  • CAT 1 Winds of 74-95 MPH (Storm Surge of 4-5 feet)
  • CAT 2 Winds of 96-110 MPH (Storm Surge of 6-8 feet)
  • CAT 3 Winds of 111-130 MPH (Storm Surge of 9-12 feet)
  • CAT 4 Winds of 131-155 MPH (Storm Surge of 13-18 feet)
  • CAT 5 Winds greater than 155 MPH (Storm Surge of 18+ feet)